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Terms & Privacy Policy

Short and sweet:

  • You use this website and everything hosted here at your own risk. Anything you download to your computer is also done so at your own risk.
  • All linked to websites are thoroughly vetted; however, if you visit anything not hosted at, the liability changes to adhere to those listed in the privacy policy and terms of that website.


I do not run any third-party advertisements.


I use an analytics service called Clicky to review how many people have visited, where they might be coming from, and what types of devices they could be using. As of June 2018, I’m looking to migrate off of Clicky and on to a service that allows for better anonymization of the data they collect. Truly, the only reason I want to know about my visitors at all is to help me understand (a) where Audacious Fox might be getting linked to from and (b) what sort of devices I need to consider when making design changes. I don’t care about most of the other data, and — as mentioned above — I’m actively looking to move to a less accurate service.


Unless I ask you for permission, anything you email me will be kept anonymous. Speaking of, please email me if you have any questions.

Unashamedly inspired by Nick Heer’s excellent privacy page at Pixel Envy. If you’re going to give your data to anyone, give it to Mr. Heer.