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Audacious Fox is written by K.Q. Dreger.

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@Dreger on Twitter or comments@dreger.me. For sensitive messages, I’m dreger on Keybase.


I aim to write so you don’t need to skim. Rigorous editing is a cornerstone of this website, and I keep an in-house style guide, which you’re welcome to read and remix.

Headlines and body copy are set in Gotham by Hoefler & Co. Previous typefaces: Concourse and Charter.

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Your Host, Briefly

Photo by Emily Dreger.

I’m a product designer, working out of Northeast Ohio. AF is run out of my own pocket and in my spare time.

Random tidbits I enjoy sharing: Energy, diction, and honesty are three great words; Have strong opinions, loosely held; Waffles are the bar by which all other breakfast foods are judged.

Other Writers Worth Reading

I read pretty much everything these folks put out. I update this list every couple of months, so check back from time to time. Have someone that should be on here? Drop me a note. (Updated Feb. 2018)

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