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April 2020

Google Spins the Wheel on What to Call Hangouts, Again  Apr. 9

March 2020

Mary Dash's Guide to Plain Language  Mar. 18

December 2019

Susan Fowler’s Year in Review  Dec. 16

September 2019

NetNewsWire 5.0 Released  Sep. 2

August 2019

Replying to Emails Like a CEO Takes the Pain out of Writing Email  Aug. 31

June 2019

Genius Claims to Have Proof That Google Is Lifting Lyrics for Its Search Results  Jun. 17

‘What I Learned Trying To Secure Congressional Campaigns’  Jun. 5

Updated App Store Review Guidelines Prohibit Apps in Kids Category From Including Third-Party Ads or Analytics  Jun. 4

May 2019

Panic Announces Playdate, Their First Video Game System Set to Launch in 2020 for $149 With 12 Games That Automatically Release on a Weekly Basis  May. 23

You’re Triggering Alexa More Often Than You Think  May. 20

Jumbo Is Your Digital Privacy Assistant  May. 19

April 2019

‘Typography 2020: A Special Listicle for America’  Apr. 19

The 3D Models That Will Help Rebuild Notre-Dame  Apr. 19

Medium, Seven Years Later  Apr. 13

The Long, Complicated, and Extremely Frustrating History of Medium  Apr. 13

February 2019

‘Letter Boxed’ by The New York Times  Feb. 9

‘Can a 44-Year-Old Man Cut It in the Premier League?’  Feb. 9

January 2019

Proposed Changes to Chrome Would Hamper Ad Blockers  Jan. 26

Twitter Begins Rolling out ‘Lite’ Version of Website to Everyone  Jan. 23

Netflix Says ‘Fortnite’ is a Bigger Competitor Than HBO or Hulu  Jan. 22

‘Signal v Noise’ Officially Exits Medium  Jan. 17

Doist Switches From Medium to WordPress  Jan. 13

Yuibco Releases Lightning Compatible Security Key for iPhone  Jan. 12

GitHub Now Allows Free Accounts to Have Unlimited Private Repositories  Jan. 10

TikTok’s ‘Lite’ App Downloaded 12 Million Times Since August  Jan. 5

December 2018

Microsoft Edge is Coming to MacOS  Dec. 6

The Dominance of Google Chrome  Dec. 6

Half of All Phishing Sites Now Use HTTPs  Dec. 4

Marvin Visions, the Variable Font  Dec. 4

November 2018

$130 Million Later, Medium CEO Ev Williams Looking to Raise More Money for Still Unprofitable Medium  Nov. 28

Ohio First State to Accept Bitcoin for Tax Payments  Nov. 27

October 2018

Access by Hawkeye Labs Uses TrueDepth Camera to Navigate Webpages Via Facial Expressions  Oct. 30

WikiTribune Lays Off Editorial Staffers, Shifts Focus to Community Contributors  Oct. 30

Amazon Updates Kindle to Support Custom Fonts  Oct. 17

First Impressions of Project Stream, Google’s Video Game Streaming Service  Oct. 9

Miller Columns  Oct. 3

Wi-Fi Transitions to Version Numbers, With Wi-Fi 6 Coming Next Year  Oct. 3

September 2018

How to Write a Sentence  Sep. 25

Path, the ‘Personal’ Social Network, to Shut Down Next Month  Sep. 22

Telltale Games Hit With Massive Layoffs, Begins ‘Majority Studio Closure’  Sep. 21

MacOS Tip: Disable Smart Zoom to Remove Menu Delay When Clicking or Tapping With Two Fingers  Sep. 13

Google to Shut Down ‘Inbox by Gmail’ App and Website  Sep. 13

Basecamp to Move Popular ‘Signal v Noise’ Blog Off Medium  Sep. 6

Polygon Ditches Review Scores In Favor of ‘Recommends’ Labeling and Curated ‘Essentials’  Sep. 4

August 2018

Jürgen Klopp’s Liverpool  Aug. 22

Slack Leaves Medium for WordPress  Aug. 21

1Password as a Digital Will  Aug. 16

The Best Markdown Editor for iOS  Aug. 8

July 2018

Designing the Xbox Adaptive Controller‘s Accessible Packaging  Jul. 26

Who Owns a Scientist‘s Mind?  Jul. 25

‘Fortnite’ Is a Runaway Success  Jul. 24

‘Let Companies Do Their Own PR, Even if This Comes at The Cost of Clicks’  Jul. 24

Susan Fowler Rigetti Joins NYT Opinion as Technology Editor  Jul. 23

Josh Ginter’s Visual HomePod Review  Jul. 22

Nike’s $250 Running Shoes Might Actually Make You Faster  Jul. 21

Messi Walks Better Than Most Players Run  Jul. 6

June 2018

Instagram Lite  Jun. 28

‘Pocket-Run Pool’  Jun. 22

iOS 12 Will Support All iOS 11 Compatible Devices  Jun. 20

‘The Back of an Envelope’  Jun. 19

‘This Is the Kind of App That Just About Anyone Could Benefit From Using’  Jun. 19

Edit  Jun. 5

Google ReCAPTCHAs Will Occasionally Accept Incorrect Answers Because Real Humans Make Mistakes  Jun. 1

May 2018

The UX of Hidden Game Mechanics  May. 24

Microsoft Unveils Xbox Adaptive Controller  May. 17

Medium Kills Off Custom Domains  May. 15

Playing Chess Against Magnus Carlsen Leads to Predictable Outcome  May. 15

Esports Are Giving America’s Malls An Extra Life  May. 3

April 2018

Designing the Next Billion-Dollar Color  Apr. 29

The Best Text Editor for MacOS  Apr. 12

Cloudflare Launches Privacy-First Consumer DNS Service  Apr. 2

March 2018

MacOS Gains External GPU Support  Mar. 31

Instructions for Disabling Facebook’s Platform API Sharing  Mar. 28

IKEA-Style Explanations of Popular Algorithms  Mar. 28

Facebook’s Apology Tour Continues as Full Page Ads Appear in Major Newspapers  Mar. 28

Dave Morin Kicks Around Creating a New, ‘Better’ Path  Mar. 22

A Digital Protection Agency for the United States  Mar. 21

Telltale Games Lived Long Enough to Become the Villain  Mar. 20

Strava Update Makes it Easier to Opt-Out of Aggregated Heatmaps  Mar. 5

February 2018

‘Alto’s Odyssey’ Now Available on iOS  Feb. 21

Secure Messaging App Signal Launches ‘The Signal Foundation’ With $50 Million Investment From WhatsApp Co-Founder Brian Acton  Feb. 21

Chrome Enables Automatic Ad Filtering  Feb. 17

Google Introduces AMP in Email Preview  Feb. 17

Universities Create New Courses to Address the Ethics of Technology  Feb. 13

Designing Apple’s Emoji  Feb. 12

A ‘Walden’ for the YouTube Age  Feb. 12

January 2018

DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials  Jan. 26

Baremetrics Leaves Medium and Returns to Self-Published Blog  Jan. 26

Chemistry Lessons Come to ‘Minecraft’  Jan. 22

Image of Screen That Led to Hawaii’s Mistaken Ballistic Missile Alert  Jan. 16

The Ethical Ambiguities and Legal Complexities of a World Run by Machines We Know Little About  Jan. 15

‘Regarding the Em Dash’  Jan. 8

December 2017

AlphaZero Crushes the Game of Chess  Dec. 17

Firefox UI Guidelines for Voice and Tone  Dec. 6

‘Every Frame a Painting’ Ends  Dec. 3

November 2017

Dissolvable Pain Reliever Film From University of Akron Could Help Fight Opioid Epidemic  Nov. 15

Firefox Quantum  Nov. 14

Apple’s Best Product is Privacy  Nov. 14

Airplane Mode’s ‘Dance Like You Mean It’, the World’s First Animoji Music Video  Nov. 3

October 2017

‘The Suffix That Tells the Story of Modern Science’  Oct. 30

The NYT is Now Available as a Tor Onion Service  Oct. 30

Microsoft Stops Making Kinects, but the Tech Lives On  Oct. 25

The FBI’s Fight With Encryption Continues  Oct. 24

‘What Everybody Gets Wrong About Jekyll and Hyde’  Oct. 24

Darbian Sets New ‘The Super Mario Bros.’ Speedrun World Record  Oct. 23

Activision Patents Using Unbalanced Matchmaking to Promote In-Game Purchases  Oct. 18

FIFA 18 vs. PES 2018  Oct. 18

Advanced Protection by Google Helps Protect Users at Elevated Risk of Online Attack  Oct. 17

‘How the United States Missed the World Cup, Minute by Minute’  Oct. 11

Making Marvin Visions  Oct. 11

NASA’s Cozmic Qwest  Oct. 11

Fake iTunes Password Dialogs Look Exactly Like the Real Thing  Oct. 11

Mario Was Punching Yoshi the Whole Time  Oct. 7

September 2017

Twitter Tries 280  Sep. 26

Visions, a Literary Science Fiction Magazine  Sep. 22

iOS 11: The Pixel Envy Review  Sep. 21

‘All a writer needs is talent & ink.’  Sep. 21

The ‘Economic Model’ Is Corrupt  Sep. 21

August 2017

Meet Peter Bale, the Launch Editor of WikiTribune  Aug. 9

June 2017

‘Thoughts on the Nintendo Switch User Interface’  Jun. 27

H. Moser & Cie's Swiss Alp Watch Zzzz  Jun. 9

iOS 11 Tightens Location Privacy, Displays Banner When Location Is Being Accessed in the Background  Jun. 8

Boutique Smartphones  Jun. 4

Mario Mandžukić’s Stunning Goal in the Champions League Final  Jun. 4

May 2017

The Wall Street Journal Login (Almost) Every Journalist Knew  May. 28

Atlassian Design Guidelines  May. 16

United States Senate Approves Secure Messaging App Signal for Staffer Use, Moves All Sites to HTTPS  May. 16

April 2017

Apple Dubai Mall Opens With Unique ‘Solar Wings’ Design  Apr. 27

Amazon Launches Echo Look, a $200 Camera That Uses Machine Learning to Help You Choose an Outfit  Apr. 26

‘What Happened to Who?’  Apr. 25

‘Breath of the Wild’ for Nintendo Switch Outsells Actual Switch Consoles  Apr. 23

Facebook Journalism Certification Is Nothing More Than a Guide to Using Facebook  Apr. 20

Princeton, Stanford Develop Perceptual Ad-Blocking, Which Uses Computer Vision to Block Ads  Apr. 18

March 2017

Next AP Stylebook Drops the Hypen, Capital ‘S’ From ‘Esports’  Mar. 30

Sketch’s New, Open File Format  Mar. 14

TypeShift, a New Word-Based Puzzle Game by Zach Gage, Launches March 18th  Mar. 9

The C.I.A. Didn’t Break Encryption, but They Might Not Need To  Mar. 8

‘Breath of the Wild’ Reviews Roundup  Mar. 7

January 2017

Tweaked Trending Topics Now Show Stories by Region  Jan. 26

The Facebook Journalism Project  Jan. 19

Google Goes After Interstitial Ads  Jan. 19

Malleable, Modifiable, MacOS  Jan. 9

Courier Prime Code  Jan. 9

Obama’s Final Year in Photographs  Jan. 7

December 2016

A Literary Look at Video Games  Dec. 13

Human Computer Interaction  Dec. 13

Tiny Wings for Apple TV Teaser  Dec. 13

November 2016

Silicon Valley’s Empathy Vacuum  Nov. 29

No Man's Sky 1.1: The Foundation Update  Nov. 29

Reviewing Games You Haven’t Played  Nov. 22

Keep Angry, Stay Frosty  Nov. 21

October 2016

The Nintendo Switch  Oct. 20

How Video Games Are Changing the Way Soccer Is Played  Oct. 20

When it Comes to Security Design, Stop Trying to Fix the User  Oct. 15

New Logo and Identity for Pandora  Oct. 15

Tools and Toys’ Joshua Ginter Reviews the iPhone 7 Plus  Oct. 13

‘When good enough is great’  Oct. 5

Sony PlayStation VR Has Comfortable Fit, Palatable Price, but Lacks Compelling Games  Oct. 5

Amazon Launches Twitch Prime  Oct. 3

The Résumés of Designer News  Oct. 1

Blizzard to Transition Away From Name  Oct. 1

Alto’s Adventure Adds Haptic Feedback  Oct. 1

September 2016

Campo Santo Teams Up With Good Universe to Create ‘Firewatch’ Film  Sep. 27

Microsoft: Introducing OpenType Font Variations  Sep. 15

Introducing OpenType and Variable Fonts  Sep. 15

Adobe: ‘A New Kind of Font: A Variable Font’  Sep. 15

‘What it’s like to be lost inside developing a game’  Sep. 11

Warning: This Page Is Not Secure  Sep. 9

Apple – Don’t Blink  Sep. 7

What to Expect at Tomorrow’s PlayStation Meeting  Sep. 6

The Economist Style Guide: Commas  Sep. 4

Orphaned Words in Headlines  Sep. 1

August 2016

PlayStation Plus++  Aug. 22

Pour One Out for Vesper  Aug. 21

NYT Now Is No More  Aug. 21 Ditches Comments  Aug. 21

Average U.S. Broadband Download Speeds Pass 50 Mbps for First Time  Aug. 8

Pro Evolution Soccer Looks to Steal FIFA’s Crown  Aug. 5

July 2016

The Next Web’s Review of the Xbox One S Controller  Jul. 29

Web Design in 4 Minutes  Jul. 28

The History of the URL  Jul. 18

Rocket League: The Vinyl Collection  Jul. 15

World War Tech  Jul. 7

No Man’s Sky Just Went Gold  Jul. 7

Elie Wiesel Dies at 87  Jul. 2

DuckDuckGo!  Jul. 1

June 2016

Shutting Down Facebook Paper  Jun. 30

The Legend of ‘Open’  Jun. 25

A Look at Pixar’s New Short Film ‘Piper’  Jun. 25

NPR’s Text-Only Website  Jun. 6

Medium Now Supports RSS  Jun. 5

The Billionaire’s Typewriter  Jun. 1

February 2016

The Guardian’s Review of Firewatch: 4/5  Feb. 8

Polygon’s Review of Firewatch: 8.5/10  Feb. 8

PCWorld’s Review of Firewatch: 3/5  Feb. 8

Letterpress Now Owned by Solebon LLC  Feb. 8

For $15, Firewatch for PC Will Develop and Ship Your In-Game Photos  Feb. 8

Firewatch Launches Tomorrow on PS4, Windows, Mac, and Linux for $19.99  Feb. 8

‘So is San Francisco really the perfect system font for Apple’s products? It’s complicated.’  Feb. 7

Amazon Kindle Update  Feb. 4

January 2016

Angry, Sad, Wow, Haha, Like and Love  Jan. 30

Google’s AlphaGo AI Defeats Reigning European Go Champion  Jan. 26

Web Inspector Turns 10  Jan. 16

Alan Rickman Dies at 69  Jan. 14

Outsource Your Googling  Jan. 11

The Hollywood Reporter’s Hour With Ridley Scott, Tarantino, and More  Jan. 6

March 2014

Facebook Acquires WhatsApp  Mar. 18