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Audacious Fox is written, edited, and produced by K.Q. Dreger. Published from Northeast Ohio. Thanks for reading. ✌️

(“Kyle” is fine, I just sign my name K.Q.)


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Your host, briefly

Photo of K.Q. Dreger

Photo by Emily Dreger.

K.Q. Dreger is a scrawny, Ohio-raised farm boy who fell in love with his first computer way too early and spent subsequent years learning how it worked. Like really worked, on a 1s and 0s level. When his parents told him to stop looking at a screen, he shifted attention to a heavy-as-hell Underwood typewriter from his grandfather and bam-bam-bam-bam-dinged until his fingers were sore and a unrelenting drive to write had emerged. Sometime in high school, he wrote his first thing that wasn’t complete garbage and posted it online. It was a tutorial on how to diagnose network issues with your home router. Cool. Six hours later, some cowardly anonymous jerk left a comment saying how stupid they thought the post was. Two hours later, the blog was deleted. Fast forward a fair number of years where with thicker skin and a larger vocabulary, a new online thing was born at Audacious Fox. The topics switched from router issues to equal parts privacy, design, writing, and technology. The writing style attempts to be terse, sentences occasionally start with “and” even though people think you’re not supposed to do that. (You’re totally allowed.) And although the publishing schedule isn’t daily, when something new does hit the front page, there’s a nonzero chance it’ll be worth your time. Audacious Fox will remain online forever or until the the proprietor dies and the domain expires.

(The proprietor currently lives with his wife, son, and small dog in a two-story house where the roof occasionally leaks and there’s a breeze coming through the fireplace, but the water is hot, the garage holds two cars, and there’s a big enough yard for a small soccer goal where his deteriorating skills in the sport are nonetheless practiced on warm summer nights.)

TL;DR and shifting to first person

This site is run out of my own pocket and in my spare time. What it lacks in regularity is hopefully made up for in quality.

I aim to write so you don’t need to skim. Rigorous editing is a cornerstone of this website, and I keep an in-house style guide, which you’re welcome to read and remix. (On the other hand, we have a new baby in the house so my editing will only be as good as I can make it at midnight.) I also believe that clarity of writing follows clarity of thought, which only comes after you’ve written multiple terrible first drafts.

Some random tidbits I enjoy sharing: energy, diction, and honesty are three great words; have strong opinions, loosely held; waffles are the bar by which all other breakfast foods are judged; and if you want to be a better writer, read everything you can.


Headlines and body copy are set in IBM Plex Mono by Mike Abbink and Bold Monday.

This site is hosted on GitHub Pages, the domain is registered through Hover, and the site files are generated via Hugo. I highly recommend all of the above.

This site should look good in all modern web browsers—please let me know if it doesn’t.

Previous typefaces: Gotham by Hoefler & Co., Source Serif Pro by Adobe, Inter by Rasmus Andersson, Concourse by Matthew Butterick, San Francisco, Athelas by Veronika Burian and Jose Scaglione, and Charter by Matthew Carter.

Previous stack: Custom nginx setup hosted on DigitalOcean with SSL provided by the wonderful Let’s Encrypt.

Other writers worth reading

I read pretty much everything these folks put out. I update this list every couple of months, so check back from time to time. (Updated Dec. 2019)

I’m always looking for interesting new writers. Send me a note if someone should be on this list.