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December 2019

Indifference  Dec. 17

Weekend Tweaks  Dec. 14

Treat Customer Pain Like Debt  Dec. 14

Pyramid of Product Team Needs  Dec. 14

Don’t Hide the Date  Dec. 14

December 2018

‘Nobody Reads’  Dec. 27

October 2018

Customers, Not Users  Oct. 7

A Very Brief Explanation of How I Choose Between Buying a Physical Book or the Kindle Edition  Oct. 1

August 2018

Behavioral Biometrics Are a Cookie You Can’t Clear  Aug. 24

July 2018

Contentedness  Jul. 4

March 2018

HTTPS and the Secure Web  Mar. 11

February 2018

Your ‘Lite’ App Should Be Your Only App  Feb. 20

January 2018

The Privacy We Give Away  Jan. 30

Start With Words  Jan. 4

November 2017

PR to English Translation for Selected Portions of EA’s Response to Backlash Over ‘Star Wars Battlefront II’ Microtransactions  Nov. 16

October 2017

Fixing Extremely Poor or Muffled Call Quality When Using AirPods and MacOS  Oct. 23

Springboard Gridlock  Oct. 7

June 2017

All Ads Are Equal, but Some Ads Are More Equal Than Others  Jun. 11

AirPods  Jun. 3

April 2017, Unravelled  Apr. 24

Before You Ship  Apr. 18

November 2016

iPhone 7  Nov. 7

September 2016

Having Only Missed My Target Publish Date by a Year, Here Are Some Brief Thoughts and Observations on Apple Watch  Sep. 22

August 2016

No Man’s Sky Is Not the New Destiny  Aug. 31

No Man’s Sky Review  Aug. 13

July 2016

On Removing the Headphone Jack  Jul. 2

June 2016

Interview: Loren Brichter  Jun. 28

A Small Exchange With Solebon LLC  Jun. 28

Not Yet  Jun. 26

February 2016

Firewatch Review  Feb. 18

Obama Pledges $4 Billion in Funding for Computer Science Education in Schools  Feb. 6

January 2016

Fitbit HR Review Transcript  Jan. 9

December 2015

TextEdit  Dec. 14

July 2015

Kerbal Space Program: To the Moon  Jul. 17

Don’t Read More, Read Different  Jul. 14

December 2014

On Budgeting  Dec. 12

October 2014

Something Audacious  Oct. 20

January 2014

Front Page Design, Part Two  Jan. 14

Front Page Design  Jan. 6